Make Time is just four steps, repeated every day

This simple structure is inspired by a decade of our own personal experiments, what we've learned from readers of our blog, and our experience developing the design sprint process. In the book, we share more than 80 specific tactics you can try and a framework for choosing the ones that fit your life.


Highlight: Start each day by choosing a focal point.

Asking yourself “What’s going to be the highlight of my day?” ensures that you spend time on what matters most to you and don’t lose the entire day reacting to other people’s priorities.

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Laser: Beat distraction to make time for your Highlight.

Distractions like email, social media, and breaking news are everywhere. We’ll show you how to adjust your technology so you can find Laser mode.

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Energize: Use the body to recharge the brain.

The lifestyle defaults of the 21st Century ignore our evolutionary history and rob us of energy, but with a few small changes, you can reset those defaults and power up.


Reflect: Adjust and improve your system.

Finally, before going to bed, you’ll take a few notes. It’s super simple: You’ll decide which tactics you want to continue and which ones you want to refine or drop.

Over time, you’ll build a customized daily system tailored to your unique habits and routines, your unique brain and body, and your unique goals and priorities.

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